Ayurveda dates back 5,000 years and is considered a science in ancient India.

Ayurvedic massage originated in India. Based on ancient principles, the Ayurvedic method incorporates the use of herbs and herbal extraction, decoction oils by applying massage techniques and pressure points. It usually combined oils and herbs according to body type of the three doshas constitution needs and usually some kind of heat after the massage treatment, so there appear some types of swedana it is the method of body sweating and different herbal steam bath devices will be used while the herbal steaming continues and the herbs are absorbed into the skin which helps to relax the body, it lets the body release toxins and get rid of waste, it relaxes the mind and the nerves system, all the things that must happen in order for healing to occur and it goes really deep, the oils and herbs are absolutely the key to these treatments they do phenomenal works, because it’s gets into the tissues and loosen them up and begin to pull out all these congestion and toxins that accumulated and stuck in the body, which create stagnation and stagnation creates lack of flow of prana or life force and without a good life force following the body, diseases will manifest, misconnected, body and mind are not in harmony, depression, unable to concentrate, negative thinking, and not in peaceful stage, life is not in balance.

So, the goal is to open up all the channels for everything to follow and loosen up to start clearing out some kind of sludge and lymph movements as they increase blood flow with everything that’s going on during the massage itself will loosen things up as they need to leave the body and sweating is one of the best things i.e. the most efficient way to sweat once it has been stimulated! It is therefore an association and a classic association in Ayurvedic treatments!


1. Boosts Immune System –

through the use of herbs, spices, essential oils, Ayurvedic oils and decoction herbs. Ayurvedic products have organic properties for supporting health and immune function. I create several of my own Ayurvedic products available for purchase and uses during the treatments including but not limited to creams, masks, serums, body powder, hair masks, facial cleansers, and facial tonics according to the body constitution needs. Clients will be massaged then placed into a steam bath. The sweat allows the body to both release toxins and absorb the spices, herbs, and oils. This increases blood flow and circulation within the body. This can help fight and prevent diseases by increasing the body’s natural immune-boosting properties.

2. Lower Contamination Risk –

Ayurvedic methods promote heat and sweat during herbal steam bath in progress, the temperature goes slowly until it reaches the right temperature for the oils and herbs that applied on the body absorbed and obtained deep relaxation. The way it works is most steam baths devices placed on an open air and the client then sits on the chair and the body will be covered with steaming of herbals decoction, and Ayurvedic oils while her/his face will be outside of the box and enjoying the fresh air in order to insure the high level of body comfort. All of these elements are natural combatants and protection help increase immune systems. Unlike the more common approach to massages where more pressure is applied and there is generally a higher risk of contamination.

3. Calming –

Ayurvedic massage has a calming effect on both the brain and the body. When we are stressed, our immune systems weaken. Stress also negatively affects our nervous system. The process of Ayurvedic treatment will help lower heart rate. We also lose sleep when we are stressed, weakening our immune systems further. Rhythmic massage and essential herbal extraction along with Ayurvedic oils alleviate stress. Ayurvedic massage alleviates pain associated with chronic conditions and prepares the body for a heavy slumber. When we lessen pain, our body can focus on protecting itself. When we get sufficient sleep, our body has time to repair and strengthen.

4. Lower Blood Pressure-

Ayurvedic massage has shown to lower the blood pressure of those with hypertension. A lower blood pressure leads to a better functioning immune system which is more able to stave off infections along with diseases.

5. Lymphatic Drainage –

pressure applied during the massage promotes lymphatic drainage. The natural flow of lymph nodes helps your body carry out unnecessary waste.

6. Improve Skin –

the organic oils used in Ayurvedic treatment have been proven to reduce cracks in the skin, heal their surfaces, and smooth them out. Many of the natural ingredients in the creams and oils used are beneficial for the natural growth of skin and shedding of dead skin cells.

7. Improves Muscle Stiffness-

organic herbal formulas used in the massage will not only ease muscle tightness and tension but also help alleviate muscular dystrophy. With decreased rigidity in muscles, people have an increase in blood flow and health throughout the body. They are also better able to exercise, heal, and prevent toxins from being trapped in the muscles.

In these tough times, it’s difficult to find new ways for preventative healthcare. Many of us are unable to get massages due to strict guidelines and closures. Traditional massages use oils and therefore have a higher risk of contamination. Ayurvedic treatments has proven beneficial as a preventative and boost up immune systems.

Taking care of yourself during a pandemic when gyms and other health and wellness service establishments are access limited . Seeking out new avenues for wellness such as our protocol following Ayurvedic treatments can give your body the boost it needs. Through ancient remedies and organic products, Ayurvedic treatments will help boost up your immune systems and can be a preventative against diseases and illness.

Disclaimer: All content is created and published for informational purposes only. It’s not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, and should not be relied on as health or personal advice. Always seek the advice of qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment before undertaking a new health care regime, and never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website/article.



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