Julie: The Road To Mystical Illuminations

A bond with a client, one could never replace
From the chemistry, down to the smile on their face
If you’re lucky, you’ll find a true diamond of such
And when they retire, they deserve oh, so much!
Julie truly is worthy of all of the fame,
Special package to match someone special’s own name
She’s a woman with class and her beauty has grown
From her passion, to how she’s blossomed on her own
Her soul and wisdom are a reflection akin
In passing years, she’s been constantly evolving
Always there to assist like family member’s would
Willing to give back any time that Julie could
Maintaining peace and harmony as she has lived,
Julie’s my inspiration for all that I give
I could never do enough to show what she’s meant
For the impact she’s made, and the time that she’s spent
But it brings me delight as this package will be
Something to make others happy, like she made me
When you smile, thank Julie, for she is the best
Enjoy your special package, as we do the rest!


julie 2
artist : Carène Décarie

Julie: a woman with class and her beauty grows with passion over the years, a true reflection of her soul and her wisdom flourishes in her own life! I want to thank you for being my inspiration and a customer for decades (you and your family). I understand it’s a small gesture but I think it would put a smile on your face as I am offering a special package in your name for your retirement and thanks to you I hope other clients will love it as much as you do.

Salon Cassiopé

Note: this set will only be available on May 25 2023

combined both modern techniques and technologies as well as traditional Ayurvedic massage

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