La Belle Chantal

La Belle Chantal :350$

It is an extraordinary set of 200 minutes of great inspiration that I have dedicated to a special person with an incredible personality and wisdom, who with great strength of determination and her name is Chantal.
This is to reduce the skin fibrosis
after liposuction. I have combined both modern techniques and technology along with traditional Ayurvedic massage and infrared sauna modes included with Lumicell Wave 6 technology using 900nm wavelength for bipolar ultrasound and RF treatments with lymphatic massage and full body application of Ayurvedic herbal ingredients and deep steam bath of each massage
Along with herbal body spray and last but not least with a compliment mini facial.


-An enriching life experience and an incredible feeling emotionally, mentally and physically!-

With the positive of energy let’s feel good together i want to celebrate the beauty of strength of determination and success in life once we know what we really want.
Montreal January 29 2023.
Maria Decarie

combined both modern techniques and technologies as well as traditional Ayurvedic massage

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