Pour la premiè re fois, j’ai trouvè cela merveilleux, trè s professionnel, et une trè s grande gentillesse. Merci à bientôt.


Le sentiment de bien-ê tre, si rare de nos jours, est ce que j’ai ressenti grâce à cette prise en charge de moi par cette fille qui s’est dèvouèe à me le faire é prouver. Merci Maria!!!


Thank you that were the experience of a lifetime. Thanks for your healing hands and for caring. Lots of love, Maria you are the best!!! And now I understand why my mother often says “I am going to Cassiope.” See you soon…


I had my first treatment of Laser Hair Reduction on my underarms five weeks ago. I am utterly amazed at how effective it has been. In five weeks I have shaved my underarms only once! I have been recommending Cassiope to everyone I know. Maria is not only kind, friendly and welcoming, most importantly, their treatment gets results … and how many salons can say that?


I have been going to Cassiope almost 7 years now and only Maria is allowed to touch my eyebrows, she is amazing the way she works. Very meticulous, creative and accurate my eyebrows are beautiful as always after coming out from Salon Cassiope. Thank you Maria youre the greatest.


I never knew that the small changed can change a person completely. I never knew I could be and look better then before. Maria really changed my eyebrows and helped me show who I want to be like no other ever could.


Je connais Maria depuis 12 ans et je la trouve magnifique Elles est toujours disponible quand j’ai besoin de ses services, jamais de problèmes pour un rendez-vous. Elle possède une personnalité très agréable et très sympathique. Comme professionnel je la trouve très compétente et elle cherche toujours à s’améliorer et suivre les tendances. Elle est très passionnée quand elle travaille au soins, j’ai toujours de la veine chez Cassiope pour les traitements faciaux et mon sourcils. Merci, Maria pour toutes ces années et pour tes bons services!


Maria is not only a skilled master of her art but wonderful human being. When I leave her salon, I look good and feel good inside too!


J’ai rencontré Maria il y a environ 5 ans. J’avais acheté alors plusieurs soins (traitements faciaux, sourcils, pédicure, épilation, etc.) par le biais d’une promotion, je suis devenue une cliente régulière de Maria j’ai toujours été bien reçue a son Salon et je suis très satisfaite de ses services.
Sahara Melancon


The first time I discovered Salon Cassiope by a friend who always has a perfect eyebrows and after remarked for so many times as each time she said “I need to go to Cassiope” and then came back with a beautiful eyebrows. So, I asked and she gave me the phone of Cassiope and since then it has been 7 years I am with Maria for her wonderful creative and services, no one else but only Maria, she makes my eyebrows perfect, even it take me 50 minutes to drive to her but it’s worth its. Thank you, Maria.


A prime abord, le salon Cassiope de Maria m’apparaissait comme un endroit invitant et soigné. Elle a su très vite me rendre à l’aise, malgré une certaine pudeur de ma part. Maria possède un sens aigu de l’écoute ainsi qu’une patience unique démontrant bien son aisance, son expérience et son soucis du détail.
Diane Fazioli


Maria, we love your magical fingers
Luisa and Lucie


I’ have been a client of Salon Cassiope for 6 years and regularly recommend the Salon to friends and colleagues. It is a beautiful place, the service is great and most of all I feel very welcome when I visit for an appointment.

My standard appointment is a monthly facial and I leave it to Maria to suggest the facial that is best for my skin at that particular month. Taking away the need for me to do anything other than “leave it to the expert” my partner is also goes for facial and the best part he like is the eyebrows at Cassiope. It is, so natural, especially for men, he looks much better and extremely natural it is very nice! Thank you, Maria for taking care of us.
Isabelle and Dan



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