Ayurvedic Facials

Ayurvedic Facials

Your destination is beauty when you allow Cassiope Salon to reveal your loveliness. Combining Eastern and Western techniques, we offers original and targeted answer to all your skincare concerns. Our unique and specialized facial treatments combine high modern technology and Eastern methods. We have created the world’s best beauty treatments

ayurvedic-facial1-large-montreal-quebec-canadaOur signature treatment. Maintain optimum skin health: includes skin analysis, deep pore cleansing, professional exfoliation and extractions, ampoule, packs specific for your skin condition, face, neck and scalp massage, customized masque, toner and moisturizer. This includes a galvanic* treatment, steam and/or high frequency. All skin types.

*Galvanic: Since the body “runs” on electricity, it should not surprise us to learn that galvanic current passes, as a wave, through the facial skin tissues, opens skin cells, nourishes them and, quite literally, tightens the face. As muscles are tensed, they shorten. The face is toned and becomes more youthful in appearance. Subsequent treatments result in longer lasting results. Following facial surgery, swelling is lessened and the healing process hastened. 15 minutes of galvanic current is comparable to 2 hours of isometric toning exercise.

Designed for the treatment of oily, problematic, blemished skin particularly effective on teenage and adult acne. Concentrated formulas offer multi-benefits to absorb oil, reduce impurities, exfoliate, soothe and balance the skin. Great results will be obtained if you follow the frequency recommended.

A complete fitness facial especially designed for men’s skin, an aromatic blend of essential oils combined with a series of relaxing massages to immediately brighten, clear, refresh and soften the skin.

Specially designed limited edition facial treatment for a specific season. A medley of the ingredients specific to the season to make these facials truly extraordinary.

Enjoy a gentle yet effective dual-action exfoliation to reveal a softer, cleanser, clearer complexion using an active combination of glycolic and salicylic that lifts away dead surface cells for a smoother complex.

This treatment has a visible tensing and lifting effect on the skin reinforcing the bust line, stimulates skin tension and fights the signs of aging.

Especially natural products enrich, to soothe and refresh the eyes. This calming, anti-aging and revitalizing treatment uses a special blend of plant extracts to reduce puffiness and diminish dark circles.

Refreshing your skin with a tropical oasis of mandarin and Vitamin C for an anti-stress treatment. Luminous, softened and glowing healthy result.

This delightful intensive hydration treatment for dry and dehydrated skins provides rapid and long lasting hydration to the superficial layers of the skin. Throughout the treatment your skin will be introduced to ultra-hydrating actives which leave the skin soft and looking radiant.

A professional treatment that effectively diminishes hyper-pigmentation by combining a gentle skin peeling that eliminates dead cells, melanin-loaded skin cells with the application of an intensive lightening facial mask derived from Papaya. This sophisticated treatment has been specifically formulated to combat the causes of pigmentation. It helps reduce the appearance of existing pigmentation dark spots. The treatment also focuses on the pigmentation of the hands, which is a problem areas largely ignored.

A new generation anti-wrinkle/firmness programme that combines high tech complexes and formulas to address not only the structural, but also the dynamic causes of aging. Lift Defense 2 is the new generation anti-age treatment that combines high-tech complexes and formulas excellent of anti-wrinkle/firming.

This treatment is done by applying Euroshape micro currents on the face. These micro currents are practically a replica of the electric currents naturally produced by the body, those bio currents which slow down with the aging process. The effects are multiple: the micro-stimulation reduces the aging process by increasing the blood circulation and by bringing the nutrients to the cells and muscles.

Specially designed lifting electrodes transmit light at a wavelength of 640 nanometers to collagen and elastin. These lifting electrodes simultaneously transmit impulse micro lifting results, tightening the facial contour, and slowing the aging process.

The Lumi facial panel can be used as a stand alone treatment to maximize and minimize side effects and complication from other treatments such as:

  1. Laser hair removal
  2. IPL and chemical peels
  3. Surgical treatments such as laser resurfacing
  4. Botox
  5. Before and after surgical procedures to promote wound healing and decrease

Package 8 LumiFacial & Lumi Lift $980

Integrating modern technologies and traditional methods Ayurveda at it best…..