The Skin and Liver health.

The liver is the body’s second-largest organ. The average size of a woman’s liver is 7 cm, whereas a man’s liver is 10.5 cm. It is deemed abnormal if the liver spread is 2 to 3 cm bigger or smaller than these levels. It’s in the right upper abdomen, beneath the rib cage. The liver sorts nutrients and waste as they move through your digestive tract. Bile, a substance that aids digestion by moving toxins out of the body, is also produced. You must protect your liver from diseases. Fatty liver disease affects about 20% to 30% of persons.

Did you know that your skin might provide information about your liver’s health? If not, this is where you may improve your expertise. Here are some examples of how your skin symptoms can reveal information about your liver.
If you have yellow/orange skin then it can be because of your liver. This occurs when your liver is unable to properly break down a compound known as bilirubin. Your skin may become yellow if too much of it is in your blood.
The palmar erythema (Red Palms) indicates that you may have liver issues. Palmar erythema, often known as liver palms, is a reddening of both palms.
Spider angioma, or spider veins in the upper body, can indicate something wrong with your liver. The face, neck, top part of the torso, arms, and fingers are the most commonly affected areas.

If you notice a white growth on your eyelids, you could have liver issues. It might signify elevated cholesterol or hypothyroidism in some cases. If you have this condition, you should see a doctor.

The presence of Lichen Planus (purple patches) on the skin signals liver issues. If you see purples patches on your skin regularly, you can have liver problems. If you have this condition, you should see a doctor.

The most prevalent reason for dandruff is a lack of blood in the liver. Blood moistens the body, thus a ‘blood deficit’ doesn’t indicate you’re anemic, but rather that your blood isn’t moistening your scalp enough. Dandruff on your scalp is an indication of liver issues.
If you have little red bumps on your hair follicles then you can have some problems with your liver. These red bumps appear on the backside of your arm under or upper part of your elbow.

Dark knuckles are normally safe, but they can sometimes signal an underlying health problem such as liver disease. If your knuckles are darker, you may have liver issues. It might be a sign of a liver problem that needs to be treated. Which has an impact on B12.
So these are some things that tell you about your liver condition. If you want to cleanse your liver then you can read our other article named “getting Ready To Cleanse Your Liver”

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